Mudik Time: Gunung Guntur (11-08-13)

As a dreamer, I always long for adventure, traveling around the world, exploring every corner of the earth, visiting exotic foreign places, meeting new people in different parts of the world, and etc, etc. I feel the urge to work extra hard to achieve those “ideal” life.


I walked aimlessly at the foot of Gunung Guntur, Garut (credit: ESN)

I take so many things for granted. Natural splendor that surrounds me was one of them. I was too busy trying to create those ideal life that I’ve nearly forgotten to count my blessings. I forgot that I don’t need to travel too far and spend a lot of money to find spiritual enlightenment, to appreciate what God has given me. I forgot that what I’ve been looking for is right there in my own backyard.


Gunung Guntur, Garut, Jawa Barat (credit: NAT)

My experience some time ago exploring foothill of Gunung Guntur in Garut opened my eyes and made me see things differently. My husband and I (a newly-wed couple back then) took a trip to hike the foot of 7,379 feet (2,249 m) tall mountain, which is literally in our own backyard. Gunung Guntur  or Mount Guntur is an active volcano in West Java, located about about 10 km northwest of the city of Garut (source:


(credit: NAT)


local children (credit: ESN)


(credit: NAT)


(credit: ESN)


(credit: ESN)

Back then, we strolled aimlessly, took pictures, talked casually, and planned our own future together. It turns out to be one of the most memorable experience in my life.

Now, couple of year later, with two kids and seemingly more complicated mundane life, after three-hour drive with the heavy traffic from Bandung to Garut, Gunung Guntur is still there, towering above us, welcoming us.



And in the mudik trip this time, I’m experiencing those feelings once more. I still want an adventure; but above all, I want to live a more meaningful life, to enjoy it even more, and to embrace all that life has to offer. The adventure I seek could just be standing close to home. (NAT)

Photos by: Ergina Satria & Nadya Andwiani


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